The current list of our services and their prices are listed below.


Bank account

Opening an account for a Czech company 1 500 EUR
Opening an account for companies of other jurisdictions 3 000 EUR
Opening an account for offshore companies 5 000 EUR
Opening guarantee accounts 2 000 EUR
Opening correspondent (LORO) accounts for banks/payment systems 80 000 EUR

Registration of companies

Registration of Czech companies 2 000 EUR
Registration and re-registration of branches of foreign companies 2 000 EUR
Provision of services of a company manager 1 500 EUR/mon
Obtaining licenses for business activities of companies 1 000 EUR

Registration of financial structures

Registration of trusts 3 000 EUR

Services for companies

Bankruptcy/liquidation of companies 5 000 EUR
Changes in the statutes and other documents of the company 1 000 EUR


Obtaining an apostille for documents 500 EUR
Notarized court translations 50 EUR/page

Legal support

The lawyer's services 150 EUR/hour
Legal opinion of a lawyer 2 000 EUR
Tax consultant services 130 EUR/hour
Registration of an individual entrepreneur in the Czech Republic 500 EUR

All prices are minimal, indicated in EUR excluding VAT.