Criminal law

FinCorp Global experienced lawyers are dealing with the most confused and ambiguous legal matters. We are ready to defend your interests in case you are accused of financial crime or if you are in danger of imprisonment, or if there is a risk of criminal prosecution. We are ready to provide legal advisory services for complex legal issues concerning white-colar crimes.

Knowledge of the Criminal Code of the Czech Republic is as well as being an expert in the Czech legal proceedings of financial crimes can become a reliable support for those, who are already accused and for those who are just considering the implementation of their business projects in the Czech Republic.

Defense of financial crimes includes:

  • Client representation: defending clients’ interests during the pre-trial and judicial stages of criminal proceedings.
  • Client representation during communicating with the investigative committee, the prosecutor’s office and other executive bodies of the Czech Republic.
  • Evidence collection: interviews of witnesses, experts involvement for an objective evaluation and competent conclusions, preparation of written evidence.
  • Defense building: development and creation of precedents on the basis of which a defense strategy in a criminal case can be built.
  • Appealing against verdicts of bodies of inquiry and preliminary investigation, judicial acts, as well as sentences.
  • Conducting a legal audit of company’s activities, as well as support of compliance program implementation»

A criminal attorney is only a defender of his client, but also a person, a client can trust and share with confidential and sensitive information. A lawyer is guaranteeing its non-disclosure to third parties.

Also FinCorp Global attorneys:

  • interact with government bodies, representatives of local government and other institutions
  • collect all necessary information and documentation preparation. that must be issued upon a lawyer’s request
  • have the right of unlimited and unimpeded meetings with the client, even if he is in custody
  • have access to information closed to citizens, which could be used in the case by the defense.

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