Cancelation of account lockout

Unfortunately, the lockout of account funds can take longer period of time, which has a bad impact on business activities and company development. In order to ensure that your company is not in a desperate situation, we recommend that you consult a lawyer immediately! Our specialists are able to develop a plan of action how to remove restrictions from a bank account and to protect your professional reputation by knowing about the whole situation in the company.

Most common reasons of the bank account lockout:

  • Internal bank policy. A bank can freeze a client’s funds for additional verification if company documentation has been changed. It refers only to the documentation, which has impact on the account management mechanisms
  • Changes in Czech legislation. The Czech National Bank and the Parliament have the power to make adjustments to Czech banks.
  • Decision of the tax authorities. Regulations violation of filling declarations and having tax debts.
  • Decision of a Czech judicial or administrative authority. In the case of enforcement of a court order to pay off a debt to a creditor/creditor.
  • Bank rules violation. For example, if some of the mandatory compliance points with bank regulations have not been met.
  • Doubts about the credibility of the account. If financial payments and transactions become part of a money-laundering scheme.
  • Unintentional errors of a bank or a Czech state instiution. Illegal account lockout is one of the cases in which the account holder becomes a victim because of external factors.

Keep in mind that independent attempts to resolve the issue of a bank account lockout may aggravate the situation. Act thoughtfully and clearly: Contact qualified lawyers who specialize in financial matters and guarantee a high level of confidentiality. We know how to unfreeze a bank account in the Czech Republic and to maintain a good reputation in the most complicated and complicated cases.

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