Stock markets and stock exchanges registration

To enter the Czech and European stock market it is necessary to open an investment or stock company in a country in which you are planning to have a business, in this case the is the Czech Republic). The organizational and legal form of the company must be LLC (s.r.o.) or JSC (a.s.).

Company registration in the Czech Republic requires:

  1. opening of a bank account
  2. deposit a capital

The Czech National Bank is the state regulator and is responsible for the control and supervision of the stock sector in the Czech Republic. ČNB demands a minimum capital rate of 125,000 € regardless of the company’s legal organization

Main business operations of stock markets are:

  • trading stocks and their repurchase
  • money issuance
  • publicity and transparency of exchange transactions
  • transaction executions

How can FinCorp Global help you?

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Client Investment Opportunities
  • Fund Design
  • Business and financial planning
  • Company Registration in the Czech Republic
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Registration of a legal address
  • Documentation preparation
  • Problem solving
  • Interaction with Czech National Bank
  • Getting a broker license

If necessary, we can also take part in the business activities of your investment fund, solving issues of any complexity.

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