Company formation and registration in the Czech Republic

Any entrepreneur who is starting a business in the Czech Republic, should follow all established administrative rules and regulations, pay taxes on time, undergo regular inspections and audits, as well as prepare annual financial reports to the state institutions.

A good choice of jurisdiction for opening and registering a company would help to increase profitability and liquidity while at the same time increase the efficiency of the business project by eliminating additional barriers, such as high tax rates.

We help with company registration in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Add necessary services and find out the estimated cost of opening a company in the Czech Republic.

All charges are shown in Czech crowns and exclude VAT.

Company registration in the Czech Republic. Basic offer.

Organization advisory services
Company types
Company bylaws creation
Company registration at trade administration office
Trading license registration (volná is the type of self-employment in the Czech Republic)

Power of attorney (POA) from one company founder

Power of attorney

POA is given by company founder to a representative of our company. It is necessary to register a business.

Legal address in Prague 1

Legal address

Upon your request we can provide a legal address in the other parts of Prague. Service charge will be calculated individually.

Opening a bank account for a resident in a Czech Bank

Bank account for a resident

We will help you to choose the best bank for your business. For Czech resident this process is simpler and cheaper.

Opening a bank account for a non-resident in a Czech Bank with a guarantee

Bank account for a non-resident

We provide a guarantee for opening a bank account. If a bank account is not opened for any reason, we will return your money back

Executive manager

Executive manager

If you are interested to cooperate with Czech business partner, who would be ready to take an active part in company development within his autority, we may offer you to copperate with our realiable and trustworthy manager.

Trademark registration.
Vázaná or koncesovná.

Trademark registration

Vázaná is one of the self-employment type, which requires a diploma or a certificate of professional qualification.
Koncesovaná is one of the self-employment type, the license of which can be issued only by Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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FinCorp Global provides company registration advisory services:

Purchase and registration of ready-made company

Effective solution for starting a business with a prepared development plan. Purchasing a ready-made firm helps entrepreneurs to avoid additional costs and a number of bureaucratic processes. Avoiding these issues will help to speed up entering the market.

Registration of legal address

If you want to start a business and register a company in the Czech Republic, you must have a legal address. It is a prerequisite and an obligatory requirement that cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

Corporate management services

If you are interested to cooperate with Czech business partner, who would be ready to take an active part in company development within his authority, we may offer you to cooperate with our reliable and trustworthy manager.

Getting business licenses in the Czech Republic

We represent our clients during the whole process, from preparing and submitting the documentation to getting a self-employment license.

Registration and re-registration of international companies' branches

The opening of branches of a foreign parent (holding) company in the Czech Republic is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs, who want to adapt and bring ready-made business into a new market.

Offshore companies registration

One of the best way to minimize tax liability is tax optimization as well as offshore location of the company.

For a company registration it is necessary to have:

  1. prepare and translate a criminal records certificate
  2. prepare and double check the documentation
  3. register legal address
  4. open a bank account
  5. deposit a capital
  6. choose a company name
  7. prepare company stamp
  8. pay all fees
  9. meet all requirements.

After the company is registered in Trade Office, an enterpreneur has 30 days to register at tax office and notify tax office about starting a business.

To those who are competent and have professional knowledge, and also are intended to independently go through the whole business-path «from A and to Z», can always count on our support during all the stages. Company registration is impossible without a notary.

To those, who are interested in devoting themselves to business issues and business planning can contact us for the company registration service in the Czech Republic on a turnkey basis. That is how you can avoid bureaucratic tricks and a series of tedious actions, as well as you save precious time!