Investment funds

Advantages of the Czech Investment Fund:

  • Status of a licensed European company
  • improvement of the business reputation
  • low tax rates (income tax 5%)
  • The regularity and systematization of the fund’s activity
  • wide spectrum of legal opportunities in finance
  • effective strategies for attracting capital
  • project business management anywhere in the world

How to start and register an investment fund you will need:

  1. an accurate preparation of all documentation
  2. a clear long-term strategy of the using fund’s resources
  3. creating company bylaws
  4. creating business plan
  5. interaction with the Czech National Bank

For an investment fund registration in the Czech Republic it is required to obtain a minimum capital of 1.25 million euros. The maximum share of one asset may not exceed 35 per cent and there must be at least two investors.

Another important factor is the participation of the Czech National Bank in the procedure of registration of the investment fund. The Czech National Bank (which is the responsible and regulatory body) approves the type of companies and issues the final decision. The Czech National Bank also lays down the requirements, that should be met during the documents preparation for an investment bank registration.

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