Bank accounts in Europe

Opening an account in a European bank, as a rule, should be considered as a complex process, consisting of 4 steps.

  1. Setting your business goals and objectives

Before making a decision «in which bank should I open an account in Europe (or in the Czech Republic)», please formulate, why do you need a foreign account. Are you planning to enter an international market? Expand your organization? Do you want to ensure the safety of your funds? Are you interested in profitable financial mechanisms? Only knowing the answer to the question «why», you (or we) will be able to find the right bank.

  1. Search and choosing of a European bank

It all starts with jurisdiction. After all, the legislative environment largely determines the range of financial opportunities. Depending on the goals and objectives, you can mark several regions with great offers, and you can start looking for banks. The terms of cooperation are often divided into different categories — basic, advanced or VIP service.

  1. Preparation of a package of documents

At this stage, in any case, it will be safer for you to ask for help of professional financial consultants. Please remember, that a bank will be able to make a decision only after collected information about you and your business are verified. That is why it is better to entrust the question to qualified specialists!

  1. Conclusion of an account opening agreement

During the final step, all that is required from you is only a signature on documents. In many cases, especially with all the restrictions in the world, issues can be resolved remotely. If it is extremely important for you to sign document in the bank, then you have two options: 1) either do it yourself, or 2) you can delegate the task to us by signing a POA

Can I open a bank account remotely?

Many banks allow non-residents to apply for bank accounts remotely due to restrictions.

If you would like to overcome all stages by yourself, you should choose:

  • a reliable bank with the possibility of remote interaction
  • you should be confident in the transparency of your business
  • you should prepare all documentation, the origin of which does not raise any questions
  • you also should be always in touch with the bank employee to resolve any questions
  • to demonstrate the reliability of the business project.

Documents, which are necessary for opening a bank account in the Czech Republic and Europe

For companies:

  • attach company articles of association
  • provide documents of all founders and directors of the company
  • prepare detailed business plan for the project development
  • formulate the features of the company’s contribution to the business industry
  • justify, that you need to open a bank account
  • to confirm compliance with all existing regulations for opening an account in the selected country
  • to provide detailed financial plan justification for certain operations.

Non-resident individual application has to obtain:

  • notarized copy of the passport
  • Affidavit of Residency
  • Proof of Funds (POF) and recommendations and feedbacks from other banks or responsible persons (upon request);

We are providing services of opening a bank account in any country in Europe, preparing all necessary documents in the state language of the country (if it is not required, we provide documents in English.

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